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Holistic services are provided to deepen the relationships between animals and their human families.  This improves the quality of life for all involved through compassion, understanding, and education. 

Clients can select appointments for 1 hour, 1/2 hour, or 15 minutes.  For new clients, the 1 hour session is recommended as clients typically find them to be the most beneficial.  Quite often, clients tell Dawn they learned more about their animal in a one hour session than they have during all the years they've been living in the same home! 

Clients also have two methods to choose from when receiving services: 

Method 1:

Dawn will communicate with your animal remotely at the time of your scheduled telephone appointment.  Please have your list of questions available during your appointment.  This method is most convenient for clients, yet keep in mind that Dawn will be using some of the appointment time to communicate with your animal.


Method 2:

Dawn connects with your animal prior to your scheduled phone consultation.  During your telephone appointment, Dawn relays the information previously received from your animal. 


For this method, please forward a list of questions for your animal to Dawn by phone or email at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  As a general guideline, you can include up to 8 questions for a 1 hour consultation, up to 4 questions for a 1/2 hour consult, and 2 questions for a 15 minute consult.


Dawn will also ask your animal some standard questions based on your animal's responses.  

Although this method requires more preparation on your part, it also allows for more information to be discussed during the phone consultation.


To request a consultation:

  • Contact us by phone at 651-480-8866 or by email at   Let us know if you want a 1 hour, 1/2 hour, or 15 minute consultation and whether you prefer method 1 or 2 above.
  • Sending a photo of your animal (by mail or email) is optional, yet always appreciated as it helps Dawn connect with your animal more effectively, especially if there are multiple animals in your household.  The photo does not have to be a current one and mailed photos will be returned upon request.
  • If you've chosen method 2 above, please mail or email the questions for your animal.
  • All fees for consultations are due prior to scheduled appointments.  Accepted forms of payment include personal checks, credit cards (Master Card or Visa), or internet payments through PayPal at the following email address: 
  • Our mailing address is: 

      Dawn Huebner

      216 Myrtle St W, #546

     Stillwater, MN 55082


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Questions or comments?  Please call us at  651-480-8866
Mailing Address:  Dawn Huebner, Animal Psyche
216 Myrtle St W, #546
Stillwater, MN 55082


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