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"I have used Dawn to communicate with all four of our animals and cannot say enough about how tremendously helpful this has been. 


Dawn takes the time before the animal consultation to really explore my concerns and become clear on what I want her to be asking my companion animal, so I feel that I am truly part of the interaction. Dawn has a gift for receiving information from animals in a very conversational form and takes the time to relate that afterward in detail. 


On two occasions my cats' stress-related behaviors stopped almost immediately after the consult, after I had spent months wondering what was wrong.  I always feel so much more connected to my animals after Dawn has facilitated that two-way conversation.   Dawn's involvement has been invaluable."   (Debbie S.)


"One of my pets recently passed away very suddenly.  A communication session with Dawn provided me with valuable information to prevent a similar accident in the future.  I feel relieved knowing my other animals are safe!"  (Kari C.)
"We felt that we really got to know our dogs better after Dawn communicated with them.  Dawn obviously had great insight into how our dogs were feeling and how they felt about each other!"
"Our dogs get along better after our session with Dawn and our dog was able to provide information on what was wrong with his paws and we were able to correct the problem."
"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals."  Anonymous

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