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Dawn Huebner, M.A.

Animal Communicator


Providing animal communication consultations to deepen the relationship with your companion animals.


Do you ever wonder what your animal is thinking and feeling?  Now there's a way to find out - through animal communication.  You may have heard of it by other similar names such as pet psychic or interspecies communication. 

Animals are sentient beings and animal communication is a method of communicating with an animal's mind, heart and soul to obtain information from an animal's perspective.  The information can ultimately improve the quality of the animal's life and assist in creating harmonious relationships within your household.

Each animal serves a unique purpose in our lives and quite often, an animal's behavior will mirror unrecognized behaviors in our own lives.  These behaviors can provide helpful insights into our own issues which can result in personal and spiritual growth.

Consultations are provided with all types of companion and wild animals, especially horses, dogs, cats, birds and reptiles.  Please contact us to discuss consultations with any other animals not mentioned above.


"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man."  Charles Darwin



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